Spyder RT Chrome Tubular Armrest thru 2019 models



  • We have been producing quality armrests using this same design for 18 years
  • Your passenger will enjoy miles of relaxed riding with Diamond R armrest.
  • This armrest is designed with your comfort in mind
  • Armrest swing out for easy mounting and will fold in when not in use.
  • Our armrest is designed with a longer full length pad (only one on the market) which supports your full arm, relieving the tension in your neck and shoulders
  • When riding, your full arm should be supported allowing you to be much more relaxed and comfortable
  • Our armrest is set by tension by using nylon washers and will not swing out while traveling.
  • Relaxed comfort
  • Relief from neck/shoulder pain
  • Diamond R armrest are easy to mount. There is no drilling or modification to your bike.
    It only takes 10-15 minutes to install our armrest
  • You can easily remove the armrest without having to remove the mounting bracket
  • Our armrests are set by tension using nylon washers and will not swing open on their own while driving down the road
  • Armrests are only offered in chrome
    All have black arm pads.

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